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OUR HORSES WILL LEAD THE WAY. At Kindred Spirits our ultimate goal is to inspire people to get in touch with themselves through understanding and acceptance of self. Discover true Harmony & Connection with Horses.

Our Path
Everything on this Earth has consciousness and learning to be aware of this brings communion with everything in our lives. We must be willing to recieve everything without judgement.
Horses help show us the way. They teach, give, and bring freedom and by learning how to interact with the horse, in an open & honest way, we acquire the tools to manage our own lives with honesty, staying true to who we are. We loose the facade and become the real person, the one the horse sees and knows.

In a natural, peaceful setting, we combine horse treks and healing retreats with the relaxation practices of yoga, meditation, massages & healing sessions. What we offer is not only a vacation, but a learning experience, a moment of peace to rediscover ones true self. Trekking along wild untouched beaches where the great Leatherback turtles come to nest  and riding up into the mountains through the jungle , brings us into a closer contact with nature. This is where communion occurs, when you are at one with nature. The vibrant jungle and the sea’s energy bring healing, joy, creativity and inspiration to your body, mind & soul,
At Kindred Spirits Equine Healing Retreats, we choose our clinics based on bringing you closer to this goal. Each encounter should bring a new insight into ourselves, and guide us to live our lives with more ease. Our relationships with others will take on new meanings as well, allowing us to be more in touch with our true feelings.

Our retreats offer re-connection, healing, shifting consciousness and raising personal and universal vibration.Our mission is to bring peace, harmony & balance to the body, mind and soul.
Our “Harmony with Horses” clinics were created to guide people to discover a true and deep connection with horses. With horses at liberty, retaining their total Liberty we enter a different world, where instead of telling, we ask, we invite and they keep their freedom to answer. Our horses are relaxed, happy to be with us, connect with us, play with us and join in the games we can create with them.
We teach people how barefoot trimming improves a horses life, his health and lifespan.
How natural holistic healing with plants, essential oils, massages and other techniques can help and cure horses & ourselves, not just the symptoms but the cause. How Energy Medicine can  rebalance and harmonize the physical bodies as well as the enrgetic bodies.

In our community we work at bringing awareness of how to care for and respect the animals we have and the nature around us. Our 2 organizations “Mothers of the Earth” to help the local community & “Cahuita Turtle Rescue” to protect the turtles and thier nesting grounds on our beaches are our projects to help the world in which we live in.
Our mission to horses, to animals, to nature, Mother Earth and all living Beings is to bring love, respect & connection.

These sentinel Beings, the Horse, teach us how to be the stewards of our planet through being conscious and aware.

“The mind is everything…
What you think, you become. “

Magic is created through Freedom

Magic is created through Freedom

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