Our Story

“Kindred Spirits” began because of a love and passion for horses, nature and all life on Planet Earth.         To create true connection & harmony with horses.

Terry’s Story

I was born in Caledon, Ontario, Canada in the early 60’s.

My life consisted of riding horses, taking care of horses, reading about horses, watching horse races and Show Jumping on TV, pretending I was an Indian in the wild west running with the horses, and sometimes even being the horse. When I think about it, not much has changed.

Well, not quite. We traveled a lot. My parents decided to ditch the life that was expected of them and put the money they had made into finding new horizons.  They had no sailing experience, but that didn’t hold them back, the road is life (in this case the sea) and they wanted to live it.

Now, I wasn’t too happy about leaving my horses, so it took me awhile to enjoy the adventure my parents were having. But I did come around and spent many incredible years sailing the Mediterranean.

My first daughter was practically born on a boat, and then we came to Costa Rica in 1995.  With my second husband came my second daughter, born in Costa Rica.

Living on land brought me once again back to the passion of my heart, horses. My first horse a dapple grey Criollo from Costa Rica. He would be everybody’s horse, letting my 5 year old daughter ride him bareback with no reins and carrying all her sand buckets to the beach, to my inexperienced husband as a beginners horse, to a proud prancing noble steed for me who loved to show off, the horse not me, well, maybe a little me too!

With 2 divorces, 2 daughters, my restaurant business (I became a Chef), my mother’s hotel business and taking care of my mother through her illness, I became an expert at multi-tasking. Apparently something women are apt for, so I’ve read. It was a lot but with the love for my daughters and my time with my horses, we managed it all.

During those difficult years of struggling just to make ends meet, learning to survive on my own as a single parent, the desire to heal grew stronger and stronger. It seemed abused horses would find their way to our gates, injured animals and abandoned ones. I needed to learn how to help them.  Well, luckily for me, living in the jungle, far away from all that was going on in the rest of the world, the wonders of Internet and Googling had been created and arrived at my house. With this great tool, I was able to contact and meet people who not only helped me but made unthinkable trips to come and heal my animals & teach me. I learned the art of barefoot trimming, discovered Natural Horsemanship. When Pat Parelli’s first book came out, I got it. Linda Kohanov’s Tao of Equus was my inspiration.

Then I discovered Carolyn Resnick , and the “Waterhole Rituals” after attending 2 of her online classes, I became a total advocate of her method. Letting the free spirit of the horse fly , connection and oneness are her goals. A beautiful dance of souls. You start with the horse free at all times, no restraint then work up to bridle, saddling etc. The opposite of all other methods which start with ground work, saddling, the goal being at Liberty. With Carolyn it starts at Liberty! My heart soared!

What a perfect combination Waterhole Rituals, Liberty dancing with horses, Yoga, energy healing, organic vegetarian foods, medicinal plants, the jungle and the sea! I was in  and still am in Paradise!

All these teachers, trainers, people became lights of inspiration in my life.

The use of homeopathy, Essential Oils, Bach Flowers and Chinese herbs such as from FLOTH all connected me to wonderful people who were beyond helpful and gave their precious time to us, so willingly.

For 3 years I studied Energy Healing, and became a Certified Energy Healer.

Each day I am grateful for what I have, for the experiences I have had and the ones that each day brings. Now, as I start the second half of my life, it is with the thirst to know more, to learn, to understand, to help, to heal and be healed, to love and be loved.

However “Kindred Spirits” is not just my story. It is a story of wonderful people, horses, animals, nature & Earth.

This journey started with 2 women and some horses and now has grown and evolved into a space of connection with many women, men, children, animals, all Kindred Spirits on a journey of hope, healing, love and enlightenment.

As one story ends another begins, the journey continues. You, who are reading this now, may one day join our journey for awhile, meet our herd of horses, connect with the nature and enter a sacred space of healing mind, body and soul in Harmony.

“The Journey of a thousand miles, must begin with a single step.” Lao Tzu

Year of the Horse 2014-2





4 responses to “Our Story

    • Hi Iva,
      I had started the Inner Circle, but my daughter was taken seriously ill, so I had to retire from it. I have done the Extended circle once, and the Inner circle once already. I wanted to do it this time with my 3 year old Andalusian colt, but it will now have to wait until September. No worries, my daughter is much better, so I am releived. Carolyn is amazing and she sees everything. I have truly had amazing experiences with our herd, following her Waterhole Rituals. I live in the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, where do you live?
      Pura Vida! Terry

      • Aloha Terry,
        i am so happy to hear that your daughter is better!
        your website and the work you are doing in costa rica looks amazing.
        i am just beginning a practice doing equine facilitated learning on the big island of hawaii and i find that carolyn’s work goes so perfectly alongside this. everyday my horsemanship skills are improving and her way of communicating with horses resonates with me so deeply. i too am beginning to have amazing experiences with my little halflinger mare after just sharing territory!
        perhaps i will also begin again in september this time doing the insider circle or perhaps i can get to one of your workshops with linda salinas! that would be really incredible.
        my deepest aloha

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