Guests Comments and Journeys at Kindred Spirits


June 9, 2015

May showers bring May flowers and to us May brought us beautiful Yogi flowers. Each one a shining light in their own way, each with a natural gift that they will share with the world, making it a better place, just through their presence.

I thank each and everyone of these girls and women; Kelly, Katherine, Rajna, Linda, Laurel, Sukie, Johanna and of course our very special teacher & guide Corinne! I was also a student and now as all the others am a certified Yoga teacher. Each one taught me something and I hope I was able to give them a little something for their way, food for thought 🙂 The gift of horses, what they teach us and how they can heal us in so many ways.

They made this beautiful card and painted stones, that I will always cherish. Thank you lovely flowers!

Johanna's unicorn

Johanna’s unicorn

a card from Yogi flowers

a card from Yogi flowers

Hand painted rocks with symbols, mandalas and names from Rajni

Hand painted rocks with symbols, mandalas and names from Rajni



Linda Betts: So, to my ladies from Costa Rica, I thank you. I was recently told that since my return I have touched and changed a life in a multitude of ways.”

Special Women

Special Women

3 responses to “Guests Comments and Journeys at Kindred Spirits

  1. Magellan Inn was such a lovely place. Yoga platform is gorgerous. You can practice yoga in the backyard and listen all animals around. After that you can soak your body in lovely swiming pool. It is very closed to beach about 5 min walk and not so far from Cauhita NP. Staff is very friendly and helpful. You always got super fresh fruit for breakfast and lunchs and dinners are amazing too. And what can be better than riding horses on the extra long beach without people .

  2. In the month of May I did the Yoga Teacher Training with Corinne Rosita Aulakh in Cahuita. It was a beautiful and enriching experience in so many ways, learning from Corinne as well as from the other students. Corinne is such a warm and kind teacher, sharing her knowledge in a generous and accesible way. She has a deep knowledge of yoga gained from many years of practice and time spent in India and has a way to share that knowledge with ease. With equal amounts of seriousness and laughter she was guiding us to the core of yoga in the peacefulness of Cahuita. Some mornings we walked down to the beach for morning practice in the rising sun while the waves were crashing in on the wild and empty playa grande. We meditated with the horses, had dance meditation in the garden of the hotel and many candlelit practices on the platform in the evenings with the jungle with all its soothing sounds surrounding us.

    We were a small group of students and given lots of opportunity to practice teaching from early on in the course. Corinne created a safe space for us to share and learn from each other. Encouraging us to go deeper in our practice, living a yogic life style to understand what it means to do yoga by practicing it in every aspect of our lives. Through lectures, asana practice, a lot of practice teaching and discussions about yoga philosophy she made us ready for being teachers of our own.

    Thank you Corinne, Terry and all the amazing women sharing this experience with me!

  3. I attended the Yoga and Horses retreat hosted by Terry and Corinne back in September 2014. I dream of returning every day! The Magellan Inn is a beautiful piece of property. I miss listening to the sounds of Costa Rica laying in the hammock and watching the cute agoutis looking for coconut shells.

    Corinne is a great yoga and horse instructor. She has a very unique ability of connecting with horses and finding the spirituality in a space shared by both humans and horses. Having almost zero experience with horses, by listening and observing her actions, she made me feel comfortable enough to surrender and feel safe. She is a genuine person and very down to earth which makes practicing yoga with her fun. She offered a good mix of techniques of connecting with what was going on in our bodies and what was going on in our hearts and soul. The true meaning of yoga–Union!

    Terry is a wonderful woman and a GREAT cook! I am grateful for her hospitality and for the opportunity to work with her beautiful horses.

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