Kindred Spirit’s Footprints: Memories

I have created this page, so we can go back in time and see what we have done, and accomplished. To remind us what we did, what we learnt and what we still must practice and to learn from our mistakes and build on our accomplishments.

Please feel free to comment if you were a participant in any of the clinics, retreats or treks. What you loved, enjoyed, learnt and also where you think we have room for improvement.

A friend of mine, Carlos who grows and sell organic vegetable & fruit to our community wrote this:

“There is a lot to be said about having an open mind to learning new information and accepting changes in what we believe and how we act on these beliefs. If you can accept the notion you can always learn something new about a subject you already master you will always grow, when you know it all, then there is now room left for you to grow.”

There is always something new to learn, something to improve on, I love this, I am an eternal student , always thirsty to know and understand more!

I will be putting, in this category, all the clinics, retreats and treks we have done,page by page, bit by bit, just starting, so give me sometime , please, to write it all down!

You can see what we did, what people thought of it. The foot prints we leave behind us

our footprints we leave behind us

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