Our Herd

I have loved horses as far as my memories reach.  The ones that entered my life gave me so much. Filled my heart with love.

The ones who are now apart of our  life, came into it in the most unexpected ways. I can only hope we have helped them and given them, if not as much at least a bit of what they have given us.

Every moment we try to learn more ways; better health care, happier training, natural environment. Not always easy, many long hours and days. But I hope we can make their lives with us happier and healthier than how they first started.

Several of them were abused and malnutritioned. Some of their owners just didn’t know better. Not that I profess to know everything or anything for that matter! But I made it my goal to learn everything I could and can, everyday I try a little more. Mistakes are made, but I will not give up, Geisha taught me never to give up.

Geisha, a beautiful Andalusian mare started me on this course. Until she came into my life, I was a decent enough rider, grew up with horses, took care of them and thought I pretty much was capable of taking care of horses. Then Geisha foundered, was Insulin Resistant. This brought me to a whole new plane, and so started my devotion to heal horses when I could. I discovered barefoot trimming , I had no idea of this at all, thought shoes were just fine. Geisha taught me otherwise. With the help of very good new friends, they taught me how to trim barefoot and even more difficult trim for a foundered horse! I spent hours on my hands and knees, my knees sore, my back killing me, trying to figure out the hooves of my beloved friend Geisha. Thanks to Cheryl Henderson from ABCHoofcare and Linda from Hoofmechanics, we accomplished so much with her.

For this I dedicate this blog in memory of Geisha, for whom I certainly wouldn’t be here, she taught me so much, led me to places I had no idea existed.

Now we will let the horses tell their stories…


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