Anya, the Healer, a Paso Costarricense Paint

Anya, Eve & Anoushka

Anya came to us in 2010 with her daughter Anoushka. Anoushka now has Nancy , my partner in Arenal, as her special person.

She is a lovely 12 year old Paso Costarricense paint mare. Previous owners took her to parades and also show jumping, now she enjoys the Pura Vida life of the Caribbean, Natural Horsemanship, Yoga and swimming in the sea!

Anya’s person is my daughter Evie and they ride many adventures together. She is sweet, confident and gentle but with that Paso Costarricense liveliness and spark to her. Paso Costarricenses are Costa Rican gaited horses. She has a slightly slow high-step gait and also a very long extended gait, depending on the terrain and what is asked of her.

David Lichman awarded her best attentive horse in the clinic of 2013 that we had! My daughter has spent much time with her playing the Parelli Games and she moved easily into the more advanced ones asked of her.

Driving Game with David Lichman & Anya

Relaxed and attentive, Anya shows her quality as she patiently lets the girls have fun while she enjoys some green grass.

Parelli clowns

or being in the moment…

Giving and recieving precious gifts of a Healer

Giving and recieving precious gifts of a Healer

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