Retreats and Clinics Costa Rica

Year of the Horse 2014-2

Imagine a world of peace, beauty and harmony, where your life becomes that which you create.

Reconnect with your soul and heart and become who you are meant to be.

“Kindred Spirits” with each other and with all life on this Earth.

Our chosen Retreats and Clinics are created to help you reconnect with yourself, Self Realization through horses, Yoga, meditation, riding, training and Being in the moment with your surroundings.

Year round at “Kindred Spirits”  we will have different types of clinics and retreats involving professional trainers, Yogi teachers, communicators, therapists and healers to help you develop your path.

Join us as we rediscover our hearts desires!

Upcoming Retreats & Clinics 2016 

Yoga in Harmony with Horses

1 week “Yoga in Harmony with Horses Retreats” throughout 2016. $2150 pp. 

Galloping on wild beaches!

“Wild Tropical Trek” 1 week of pure adventure on horse back, along wild intouched beaches and deep virgen jungle! $1695 pp.

Riding along Playa grande beach, wild & untouched

“Tropical Dream Trek” combining horse treks and local adventure tours. $1695 pp.

Javier Breton Perez Royal Spanish Equestrian School

Classical Spanish Riding Clinic & Horse Trek Experience. $2495 pp.

Anna joyful

“Joy of Being You through Horses” clinic with Anna Ullenius. 1 week $2495 pp.

YTT students & teacher

Yoga Teacher Training October 2016/ 22 Days $3495 pp all included.


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