Costa Rica has 12 distinct ecological zones- incredibly more than all of North America combined. Although Costa Rica covers only 0.03% of the surface of the earth, it has approximately 6% of the world biodiversity with almost 5% of all the known species. There are more different kinds of butterflies than on the entire continent of Africa. For bird watchers alone, there are over 850 species. While Costa Rica is assuredly in the tropics, the extreme variations in elevation provide  climatic conditions that separate it from tropical climates elsewhere.

6% Biodiversity Costa Rica

If you really want to experience and learn from nature, you likely cannot find a better location than Costa Rica.

The Caribbean of Costa Rica – untouched beaches, turquoise seas, lush tropical jungle, the dense rainforest of the Talamancan mountains- beautiful, amazing and unforgettable.

Cahuita National Park

The Caribbean Culture- a colourful mixture of the Spanish, the Jamaican settlers and the Indigenous tribes of Bribri. Old Jamaican Creole with Spanish influence bring intense flavours to the local culture & cuisine.

Puerto Viejo Town

Cahuita Reggae Bar

Puerto Viejo Locals

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