Wild Tropical 7 Day Trek

This 7 Day 7 Night Wild Tropical Trek includes all treks & tours, lodging and meals.

Horse treks on beach, Costa Rica

$1795 per person for a double room (%20 deposit for confirmed reservations) for a private room for 1 person a supplement of $200

For those looking for more adventure and riding everyday, we will trek deep into the jungle and along wild beaches where there are no roads, far from civilization. With over 500,000 species, Costa Rica represents almost 4% of the worlds species. 840 different birds, 200 mammals , 1240 butterfly and 8,000 moth species and over 2000 different types of orchids alone, making this truly a trek through the Garden of Eden.

Day 1

Arrive at our Tropical Retreat the Magellan Inn , a paradise situated on the Caribbean, 200 mt. from the beach. After a refreshing dip in the pool, relax and get to know our horses, parrots and the surrounding nature. If you have reserved a massage, enjoy it on your private terrace!

Magellan Inn pool set in ancient coral reef & jungle

Magellan Inn pool set in ancient coral reef & jungle

At Kindred Spirits we believe in connection with nature and all living beings. So in the afternoon you will be introduced to the herd. No interaction is required, except that of sitting in peace with them. Absorbing the jungle sounds, observing the horses as they graze, clearing your mind of all thoughts and noise. As your mind quietens so does your energy and it is the peaceful time of living in the moment, that the horses are drawn to you and start to watch you, come and smell you, nudge you and maybe even nibble you. Let them be, without touching them, enjoy them, and let them get to know you and your energies. This will make your rides & treks together more enjoyable and relaxed for both you and your equine partner.



Evening cocktails and dinner at our restaurant where you will be served some of our specialities of fresh organic gourmet meals.

Hotel Magellan Inn restaurant, Cahuita, Costa Rica
Day 2
After a healthy breakfast of fresh breads, jam, organic fruit juices & eggs from our happy & free range chickens, we set out for an unforgettable ride into the jungle, following Tuba Creek.!  This trail winds it way through the jungle, following the small river. Cayman’s are hidden in the shallow waters, storks perch on floating logs, howler monkeys swing from tree to tree. The jungle is close as the horses pick their way through the dense shrubs and lower branches.

riding along Tuba Creek, Cahuita, Costa Rica

Giant ancient trees tower over us ,as we pass by the gigantic roots.

Ancient Caribbean Tree Roots

Ancient Caribbean Tree Roots

It is another world, yet borders so close to the everyday life of us humans. It is not a zoo nor a theme park, but the real authentic jungle.

Tuba Creek, Cahuita, Costa Rica

The afternoon is all about learning and observing the medicinal plants of the jungle on a guided tour on foot, with a very knowledgable & passionate guide at “Alma Verde” Under the shade of a giant tree , try different herbal teas and learn their benefits.

Back to Magellan Inn  for frothy iced Cocktails by the pool and time to chat and exchange our days adventures. Or enjoy a massage in the quiet of the gardens.

Dinner at the Magellan will be a palette of flavours and colours !

Day 3

After breakfast we hit the trail that follows the 40 mile long beach of Playa Grande to the lagoons of Rio Estrella “Star River”.

Playa Grande Trek

The trail winds into the jungle where the monkeys, parrots, toucans and iguanas live and where sometimes a jaguar, ocelot or maraguay may be spotted.

Jungle path

Jungle path

Going as far as Rio Estrella where the river’s delta opens up into the sea. The rolling Talamancan mountains , home to the Indigenous Bribri tribe, lie in the distance.

Rio Estrella delta

By boat we will discover this unique delta of the Rio Estrella, going up into its intertwined arms. The river originates from the Talamancan Mountains to reach the sea north of Cahuita.

canoeing on Rio Estrella Costa Rica

A native guide will show you the spectacular sights of this natural reserve with breath taking views on the mountains and sea. We will travel through this peaceful and magnificent world, passing islands, landscapes of reeds, banana and coconut groves.

This unspoilt environment is the homeland of birds and fish, as well as monkeys and sloths, iguanas and crocodiles. With a little luck we might spot the protozoans among amphibians, sun bathing along the river shores. It is an experience that equals the beauty of the Amazon Delta.

Rio Estrella with its incredible bird life

Rio Estrella with its incredible bird life

Then it is  back home on a long stretch of untouched beach, galopping and splashing through the waves.

Caribbean Sea

Caribbean Sea

During the turtle nesting season, giant-big craters can be seen where the mother turtles have come up to lay and cover their eggs. If you are here during turtle season, an extra expedition at night ,can be organized to participate and watch this amazing spectacle of mother nature!

Back to the Magellan Inn cold drinks, massages and or Yoga.   Then dine to the sound of Blues , Jazz or Calypso and enjoy a delicious meal.

Day 4

Start with breakfast and then it’s time to head for the amazing coral reef of the National Park of Cahuita. 15 km. of sandy, white beaches and turquoise sea.

Coral reef Cahuita, CR

The boat takes us out to the different coral reefs where we will see a multitude of colorful tropical  fish. Cahuita National Park is best known for the coral reefs, you are likely to see light yellow brain, elkhorn, and blue  stag horn corals, sea fans, and gorgonians as a back drop to the more than 500 species of fish endemic to the reefs.


Pink,  yellow, and  zebra striped fish, as well as  blowfish, baracudas,  Stingrays, dolphins and a wide variety of sea urchins, shell fish and more!

It is spectacular!

purple coral

After for those who would like, you can hike back through the National Park of Cahuita along the white sandy trails and turquoise waters to observe the wild animals and fauna and swim in the little secluded coves.

Cahuita National Park, Costa Rica

The white faced monkeys will follow us on the look out for goodies, so be careful, they love anything shiny like sunglasses and car keys to chips and fruit!

white face monkey, National Park of Cahuita

Arriving in the village of Cahuita you can enjoy a lunch in a local restaurant ( free lunch day) and check out the local artisanal shops  and later try a refreshing cocktail as the sun sets over Cahuita.

Caribbean Sunset

Caribbean Sunset

Or come back to Magellan Inn for a swim in the pool, a massage or a frosty cocktail!

Dinner at  Magellan Inn restaurant. Tonight explore new flavours from our gourmet restaurant!

Day 5

After breakfast we head to the jungle on a 5 hour horse trek into the mountains to the waterfalls. On the way, our guide will show us the wonders of Costa Rican nature.  You will see howler monkeys, sloths, iguanas, poison dart frogs, toucans ,and parrots along the way..

Mountain top overlooking the Sea

Mountain top overlooking the Sea

Following the beach, then we head up into the mountains with spectacular views to the ocean.

Passing through Costa Rican cow country, we leave under the shade of trees to rest and we head deep into the rainforest mountains, by foot.

Following the paths through the jungle’s dense vegetation we are in close contact with the vibrant nature. Howler monkeys, sloths, iguanas, poison dart frogs, toucans and parrots live here, we are just passers by, so with respect and admiration we leave no footprint behind.

Sloth hanging out in the branches

Sloth hanging out in the branches


Arriving at the waterfalls ,it is time to jump in the cool mountain waters and enjoy a picnic and a rest!



The pure water of the mountains and the energy of the intense green jungle plants, invigorate the physical body as well as the mental and spiritual. Let the waters spill over you, washing away stress and worries.

Later live one of many people’s fantasies (mine was this for sure!) an exhilarating galop along the beach, with waves splashing around you and the  horses legs pounding into the surf. Its as if you are flying and free, born free to run with the wind!

Back to Magellan Inn  for frothy iced Cocktails by the pool and time to chat and exchange our days adventures. Or enjoy a massage in the quiet of the gardens.

Day 6  After breakfast we will take a drive to the “Jaguar Rescue Center” for a visit of this special place where they rehabilitate injured or orphaned animals back into the nature. These people are passionate about what they do here. This is not just a regular tourist place to see wild animals. They are only open in the morning so that the animals have their peace and full attention all afternoon. They perform surgery on animals who are gravely injured, and go as far as to putting prosthetic wings etc…From sloths, jaguars, maraguays, toucans, monkeys to snakes of all types and colours. You will learn much on your visit here.

After lunch and a rest either by the pool or in a hammock. We’ll take the horses to the sea to swim! Don’t worry if you fall, its only to splash in the water. This is an incredible experience with the horses, they love it too, as the waves wash around them and the cool waters refresh them. Only laughter & fun!



After this full day, we return to Magellan Inn for a frothy Pina Colada or frozen Maragarita! Then a scrumptious dinner with tropical flavours.

Day 7

Today we will ride for an hour and a half  to a very special and interesting place “La Cabra Feliz” The Happy Goat, a local self sustainable eco farm,  where all fruit & vegetables are organically grown. They also reforest the jungle where necessary with hard tropical woods that are becoming rare. A goat farm provides fresh goat milk and a variety of goat cheeses. The goats dropping are converted into use for fertilizers and also creating gaz to heat the water and for cooking. A fish pond for the breeding of Tilapia, free range chickens for eggs, goat for milk & cheese, fresh organic vegetables & fruit, provide everything one needs to survive and live totally natural and chemical free!

La Cabrita's organic fruit & veggies

Don Roberto and his lovely wife & daughters will treat us to a %100 organic lunch of fresh salads, vegetables, grilled fish and fruit. He makes a most delicious smoothie of guayabana, passion fruit and a little secret! Oh , so smooth and invigorating!

Then he will take us on a tour of his farm, showing how everything is grown and recycled for use. It is the perfect example how one can live off the earth, self sustainably and give back to the earth, a little holistic family farm.

The trail also leads into the jungle where Don Juan will show you the wonders of the jungle, toucans, parrots, monkeys, and whatever animals crosses our path during this timeless walk.

organic passion fruit

Fresh organic cacao fruit, the fruit flesh is succulent and sweet, the beans are harvested and dried to make chocolate.

fresh cacao-chocolate fruit

Roberto & his love for organic produce!

A ride back & a wild gallop on the beach for those who dream of this!

Wild Adventure!

Wild Adventure!

Appreciate the small things in life, breathe it all in!

Appreciate the small things in life, breathe it all in!

Don’t forget to appreciate Life and all it has to offer!


Farewell dinner at “Sobre Las Olas” meaning “over the waves” we will enjoy our last dinner in this lovely setting overlooking the Caribbean sea and its waves.

As this wild adventure ends don’t forget to appreciate the little things in Life with a grateful heart.

A Grateful Heart

A Grateful Heart

This 7 Day 7 Night Wild Tropical Trek includes all treks & tours, lodging and meals.

$1795 per person for a double room (%20 deposit for confirmed reservations) for a private room for 1 person supplement $200

Beverages & alcoholic drinks, massages & transport not included.

We can help you organize your transportation to and from our hotel to San Jose or elsewhere.

1 –  6 guests

Maximum weight of rider 180 lbs (85 kg.)

The itinerary is flexible. Changes may occur due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.

*We also offer the possibility of combining our 7 Day Trek with another Trek in Arenal or the mountains of Puriscal to the Pacific. Please ask us for more information, if you are interested in extending your vacation to 2 weeks with other Trek options throughout the Costa Rica.

For more information please contact us at:


telephone 506 27 55 00 35 / cellphone 506 88 58 11 40

Please take out kindredspiritscr email and name and add yours to the form below. Thank you

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