Yoga with Horses 2 Day Retreats Costa Rica

2 day/ Yoga & Horse Retreats Upcoming clinics year round, please email us for dates. For groups of 4 or more we can organize this at your convenience and dates.

1 week Yoga & Horse Retreats For more information please check link 

Nestled in the tropical jungle of the Caribbean of Costa Rica, you will find a sanctuary of peace and tranquility. The energy vibrant with the yang power of nature and earth, mingled with the ying power of water, the sea, brings release to the soul. It is in their midsts that we rejuvenate and reunite ourselves with whom we are and why we are here.

Connecting with horses through the breath Pranayama and postures Asanas.

Connecting with horses through the breath Pranayama and postures Asanas.

Morning practices of yoga postures and breathing techniques on the mat, then on the ground beside and with the horse, and later mounted. Afternoons mounted exercises at walk, trot (and canter for the more advanced only). Wether you practice regularly or this is your first time at Yoga, or if you are an experienced rider or a beginner, you will enjoy and profit immensely from this experience and will be able to incorporate this into your daily life with your horse and your riding , for the benefit of both. You will also learn stretching exercises for your horse to improve his balance and gaits, which will have effect on his health and longevity. If you do not have a horse, you will still come away from this workshop with better coordination in your movements, balance and breathing. You will fee in alignment within yourself, freeing up all tension and stress from daily life. The experience of being on a horse bareback, breathing peacefully and doing yoga postures is indescribable.

opening or the heart

opening or the heart

This is also excellent for children and teenagers to help them with balance and coordination, with back problems such as scoliosis and with self esteem and respect of others and all life. Children have an easy connection to animals and horses feel this immensely and react to it. Anya, our paint mare is a care taker and helps children to feel safe, allowing them to feel free and expand their horizons.

Child's Pose with Anya

Child’s Pose with Anya

The horses enjoy this immensely too and participate voluntarily! Our horses are free in a pasture and the ones that are not in the yoga session, gather round to absorb the good energy going on, falling half asleep in a mediative state! yoga with horses in Costa Rica

Experience yoga bareback on horses in the ocean with the waves and the sun.

Yoga and Sea Horses

Yoga and Sea Horses

We offer 2 options to enjoy and participate in this clinic.

#1. 2 days, morning and afternoons with a break for lunch. Clinic, horses, lunch and drinks included ( you can also bring your own horse & horse food and they can stay in a pasture for the one night between the workshop days) $200 per person

#2. 2 Days Clinic, plus 3 nights lodging in the Magellan Inn, all meals ( Breakfast, 3 dinners & 2 lunches) included and horse  $600 per person ( for private room $150 suppl.)

For more information please contact us at: tel: 506 27 55 00 35 cell: 506 88 58 11 40 Skype at terrylnewton

The final opening of the heart and receiving the light.

The final opening of the heart and receiving the light.

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  1. Would love to participate in this. Would most certainly benefit my work with rescue horses. Please contact with more info and dates of upcoming

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