Yoga in Harmony with Horses Retreats

“Yoga in Harmony with Horses” Retreats

Heal your body, mind & soul through the way of the Horse.

These very specialized retreats focus on being in the moment. Which is what horses know perfectly how to do. Through guided meditations and asanas we learn how to breathe with the horse and become aware of our surroundings and our bodies. By lowering the high energy into a quiet harmonious one, we higher the vibration in our body. Our cells feel this and in turn the healing process begins. Dis-ease starts in our soul. Stress, worry, fear and anxiety tire the soul, and we feel lost, lonely, sad, without hope.

The horse guides us to feel deeper inside, of who we are, where we are and how we should be, to find peace & joy.

 “We live in a time of necessary healing of the relationships we share with each other, the earth & all living things.”

From “Yoga for Equestrians” This couldn’t be truer.

Why Yoga with horses? –holistic riding creates a deeper connection between body, breath, mind and soul.  Integrating Yoga into our riding and our time spent with horses enhances awareness, balance and flexibility. Breathing in rhythm creates focus and relaxation, leading towards the goal of  Union with our horse, the perfect dance, the two becoming ONE, moving effortlessly in harmony.

With our “Yoga in Harmony with Horses” Retreats we hope to show you, whether you are a beginner in Yoga and/or riding or have experience in both, ways to develop your consciousness to create positive changes in your life. Through meditation, visualization, asanas ( a group of rhythmic poses) to learn how to breathe in rhythm with movement and pranayama (yoga breathing exercises) that teach awareness & control of breath, you can achieve a richer communication & trust with your horse.

Breathing skills are not only essential for equestrians but for everyone, practicing these techniques with horses helps us to centre & focus, the horse acts as a mirror to our emotions and inner self, and when we relax & become still mind & body, the horse feels this immediately and you will see how they in turn relax, chew and choose to be closer to you. They love & enjoy being around people who can be like this, living and being in the moment, no clutter, no negative energies, quiet, stillness, the altered state.  As our mind finds peace, our bodies are energized & restored, becoming healthy & vibrant. From dis-ease in the body becomes ease & well-being. Wholeness.

During the retreat, we will combine all the ingredients of a holistic experience for body, mind & soul. Meditations for the mind, Yoga asanas and delicious meals for the body, treks along untouched pristine beaches & wild jungle, food for the soul!

Yoga & meditations in the mornings, healthy & hearty breakfasts from all organic products, Yoga & breathing exercises with horses, lunches are colourful, fresh and mouth watering, a moment to relax & feed the soul. In the afternoons treks into the jungle, rides along the beaches, galloping through the waves, and snorkelling  on the coral reef through multitudes of tropical fish.

Evening yoga practice to relax & stretch the muscles or a massage surrounded by the evening jungle sounds and exotic tropical parfumes of the night air.

Later enjoy a frothy Pina Colada and let your palette be awoken to an array of intense flavours, spices & herbs accompanying our dishes of fresh Caribbean shrimp, fish, vegetables, fruit & decadent desserts.

An adventure of pure joy, delight & relaxation!

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4 responses to “Yoga in Harmony with Horses Retreats

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  2. I embarked on a personal spirit journey March of 2014 which lead me to Kindred Spirits’ yoga with horses retreat. I had no yoga experience except the “Yoga for Dummies” book I borrowed from the library and only some horse riding knowledge prior to my trek.

    The ladies walked me through and it was the most magical experience of my life! I can’t pick a favorite thing because the entire retreat was a life and soul changing/healing adventure. The Cahuita area is lovely, the people friendly and Terry and Corinne are full of knowledge they share freely. I have been blessed to travel many locations and see many things but nothing can compare to my experiences with Kindred Spirits. Thank you!!!!!!

  3. Linda we loved having you being part of our family here and experiencing what we can give here. You are a Kindred Spirit traveling through this life and we were blessed to have met you, you and your glorious laugh! Terry

  4. I can’t think of any other better place to relax, heal, and reconnect with myself and nature than Magellan Inn. Magellan Inn is an unforgettable jewel surrounded by luscious forest with a wonderful and peaceful energy. Terry, the owner, will make you feel at home. Her homemade meals are healthy and delicious.

    My experience, when I did the Yoga with Horses retreat led by Terry and Corinne, was incredible and beyond all my expectations. Truly memorable. It is sealed in my heart and framed in my mind for ever.
    Being with horses and doing yoga with them is one of those unforgettable lifetime experiences. The connection you create, the inner and outer work is do is something I still rejoice about it.

    The only down side of it is that I didn’t want to leave! Yes, I will be back. 🙂


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