YTT Costa Rica “Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training” with optional “Equine Yoga Program Certification”

2016 Schedule

October 1st – 23st / 200 hr Yoga Alliance registered  Multi- style Yoga Teacher Training 

$3495 pp

October 1st -12th, 2015  100 hr Yoga Alliance registered Multi- style Yoga Teacher Training

( continue next 100 hr for full 200 hr completition in May or October 2017)

$1800 pp

Ocotber 1st – October 25th, 2015 “Yoga in Harmony with Horses” Equine Yoga Program Certification EYCC with above 200hr YTT Certification together)

$4295 pp

Yoga Alliance registered 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course held in Cahuita, Costa Rica at the Magellan Inn. This multi style course includes Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha and Sivananda Yoga.

Teacher & students class

Teacher & students class

The 200 hour course is registered with Yoga Alliance and follows their curriculum guidelines.  

Students will learn to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, and Shivananda Yoga styles deepening their own understanding of Yoga and enhancing their professional yoga teaching careers.  Other topics covered include:

  • Yoga philosophy and ethics: Sutras of Patanjali, Treastise by Sage Thirumoolar, Bhagavad Gita, Autobiography of a Yogi.
    Yoga Anatomy
  • Asanas, pranayama, mudras, bandhas, shatkarmas, mantra chanting
  • ayurveda and yoga practices
  • teaching methodologies
  • meditation:  passive and active
  • special populations:  children, senior, pre-natal, pregnancy
  • yoga adjustments and modifications
  • student practicums
  • interaction with horses:  see certification guidelines
  • The course is intensive with a final written essay exam, a meditation practical, an asana class practical, and a written hour long asana class.
Spinal twists, Bridges & Mantras

Spinal twists, Bridges & Mantras

This course meets and exceeds the criteria set forth by Yoga Alliance for a teacher training course. We offer you a unique opportunity to deepen your own yoga practice and gain the skills and confidence to teach your own yoga classes.

We are limiting the course to no more than 6 – 8 students and our venue is in a very intimate beach location where energy lines,vortexes and portals found in Costa Rica also lie. 2 vortexes are on the property by the Yoga Sanctuary, creating an uplifting vibration for meditation and yoga practice.

Student Yoga practice at YTT in Costa Rica

Student Yoga practice at YTT in Costa Rica

Experience Yoga classes given on the beach, which lies only 200 mts. from the Magellan Inn.  Absorb the power of the elements Fire/ Sun, Water/ Sea, Earth/ Beach, Air/ Sky, Ether/ space as you practice Yoga barefoot and feel the balance, breath and the rythm of nature.

Yogi Mermaids

Yogi Mermaids

Also simutaneously being offered as an extra option “Yoga in Harmony with Horses” Program.  This course is suited for intermediate riders and all experience level Yogis. Physical therapists, social workers and anyone working with at- risk populations will benefit from this course. All students will enhance their understanding and practice of yoga and the unique communication skills learned by interacting with our horses will translate to their professional work with their clients at home.

Yoga and horses

Yoga and horses

Follow this course in the the comforts of Caribbean style living, with the beach nearby and the jungle all around, in the unique “Magellan Inn”.

The Magellan Inn

The Magellan Inn


A small Boutique hotel run by a family, who give their love & care to the gardens, the natural enviroment and animals that they live with. Parrots, chickens, horses, dogs, cats and the visiting monkeys, sloths, iguanas, agoutis are part of the slow rythm of life here in this little paradise. Eco- friendly, organic gardens, fruit trees, medicinal plants, orchids and tropical fowers abound in this sanctuary. Terry, owner of the hotel, uses the natural growing medicinal plants around her, to heal her family, guests and animals that are in need. She practices permaculture in her vegetable gardens, where everything grows in harmony as it naturally should.

Permaculture at Magellan Inn

Permaculture at Magellan Inn

The theme of the training course is Multi-style Yoga with an optional certification program with horses.  Learn how to teach multiple styles of yoga and become a more balanced rider in harmony with your horse.  Kindred Spirits with Terry Lillian Newton, and Corinne Rosita Aulakh have developed a unique approach to connecting with horses.  Following a blend of Yoga practices, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Ayurvedic principals, and natural horsemanship this program offers you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of horses and enhance your riding skills.

Yoga with horses creates true connection and union between the person & horse. You will discover how to use stretches to release tension in both you and the horse,as well as different poses and breathing techniques to balance the energy centers. We will study Horse Herd Behaviour, Anatomy, Energy Centers (Chakras & Jin Shin Jyutsu energy locks) and Yoga Asanas & Pranayama especially suited to communicating with horses on a deeper level.

YTT Classes

YTT Classes

The course includes daily pranayama, mantra chanting and asana practice to help each student enrich their own practice. Lectures and practicums on Yoga philosophy, ethics, anatomy, and physiology, teaching methods will be covered in this course.

Corinn'es Yoga Class

Corinne’s Yoga Class

Our lead trainer is Corinne Rosita Aulakh. Corinne is a natural born Yoga teacher & Yoga Therapist. Having practiced Yoga for over 25 years she is passionate about sharing her knowledge & exceptional wealth of experience with others.  She furthermore incorporates alignment, pranayama, bandhas, mudras and meditation exercises in her sequences as well as discussions of chakras, vayus & koshas, reflecting her expertise and training in all aspects of yoga theory and practice. Careful attention is paid to her students’ needs and Corrine’s speciality is in adapting her classes to her students, meeting them where they are emotionally, physically & spiritually. Corrinne’s positive and cheerful attitude towards life is clearly evident in the joy she expresses through her yoga practice on and off the mat & she is known to help her students enter each asana with calm determination, enabling them to hold the pose with grace and quiet breath, leaving the class with awareness and thankfulness.

Yoga with Corinne

Yoga with Corinne

Corinne’s first Yoga Teacher Training certification was obtained from “Let it Go Yoga” in Santa Barbara with prominent teachers Sue Anne and Jim Parsons. Corinne went on to train at Andiappan College of Yoga and Research Centre in Chennai, India in Yoga Therapy and Instruction and has furthermore completed her 500 hours of training with Yogi Chetan Mahesh of Association of Yoga and Meditation in Rishikesh, India. As of 2015 she is an E-200 RYT with Yoga Alliance and holds a registration of 500-RYT.

Unique to our course we limit enrollment to a maximum of 6 or 8 students per training.  This way we can offer more individual support and practical training to each student. Our teachers and our homey venues lend to a more intimate experience for our students.

Pre-requisites for YTT course: suited to all levels of yoga experience, we only ask that you be willing to let go of all expectations and goals, to live in the moment and appreciate the value of what it has to offer.

Successful graduates will receive a diploma from Yoga with A View and are eligible to register with YA as 200-RYT. Students enrolled in the “Yoga with Horses program” will receive the same diploma in addition to a certificate from Yoga in Harmony with Horses: Holistic Equine Yoga Program.

Yoga in Harmony with Horses: Holistic Equine Yoga Program.

Terry Newton will be your teacher for the “Yoga in Harmony with Horses” . Terry is a certified Yoga Teacher from Corinne’s Yoga with a View 200 hr YTT. She is an experienced rider and horse trainer for over 2o years, as well as growing up with horses in Canada. Terry has trained and attended clinics under different Natural Horsemanship Trainers such as David Lichman 5 star Parelli trainer, Linda Salinas certified trainer from Carolyn Resnicks Waterhole Ritual Methods, as well as taking 2 online courses diretly with Caroly Resnick. She also studied, read and followed many trainers such as Linda Tellington Jones, Klaus Hempfling, Sally Swift.

Yoga, Horses and Friendships

Yoga, Horses and Friendships

Terry looks at life holistically wether it be with horses, people, food, nature or life. Believing that each individual has the potential to create a better life full of light & love for themselves, for others and for the world they live in.  Through horses she discovered a deeper more authentic connection and wishes to share this with others.

Meditation with Horses

Meditation with Horses

Way of Life: the natural life of horses
This is a 3 day introductory course in Natural horsemanship and holistic care and understanding of horses.

Mission: Offer an opportunity to students to realize their own commitment to self-awareness through their ethical interactions with horses as a path to understand and live a socially and spiritually responsible life on Mother Earth.

Goal: become a more balanced rider in harmony with your horse.

Pledge: As a graduate of Yoga in Harmony with Horses: Holistic Equine Yoga Program
I pledge to honor myself, all beings, and Mother Earth.
I pledge to humbly share my knowledge and experience when asked.

Certificate prerequisites and topics covered.
Intermediate rider and horse care knowledge
weight of rider: 180 pounds
willingness to let go of all expectations and goals, to live in the moment and appreciate the value of what it has to offer.

1. Topics Covered
Natural horsemanship
a. communication skills
b. herd behavior
c. body language

2. holistic care
barefoot trimming
essential oil therapy
medicinal plants
horse’s natural diet and nutritional needs

3. Muscular and energy points
Jin shin Jyutsu
T-Tellington touches
Yoga stretches for horses

4. Meditation and yoga breathing techniques

5. Equestrian yoga
balanced riding
bareback riding
Yoga poses, mounted and on the ground
breath awareness

6. the Path of the Equestrian Yogi                                                                                                                              Patanjali and 8-limbs of yoga                                                                                                                                        Sutras of Patanjaliphilosophy and ethics ( community , karma yoga)

There will be a practical and written exam.

After the training both Corinne and I are reachable by email and FB to help graduates of the courses as they continue on their yoga journey.  Lasting friendships are formed with our students and among the students. As part of the course we encourage students to keep in touch and support one another.

*not included transportation, beverages, snacks, tours and treks.

* not included lunch & dinner on free Sundays during the Retreats.

The Magellan Inn is a very special place with a unique energy that promotes health and well being. In the peaceful tropical gardens surrounded by nature and animals, one can relax and connect with nature and one self. Mother Earth embraces you and guides you on your path.

Happy Sloth

Happy Sloth

This is a very SPECIAL and UNIQUE YTT Course, small, personalized and individual attention. Being a small group of 6 – 8 students, you will learn more, understand and practice with more fluidity and ease.

Healthy, organic and delicious vegetarian meals will be served during your stay. Also extra beverages of organic smoothies, tonics and herbal teas are offered at very reasonable prices.

Yogi veggie lunches

Yogi veggie lunches

We also will be offering massages, mediation classes with horses, horse treks, swimming with horses on the beach, Energy Healing sessions, Medicinal Plant Walk, snorkelling on the coral reef of the National Park of Cahuita, guided hikes through the jungle and more. These can be reserved when you are here, and you can choose according to your budget.

The Beautiful beaches of the Caribbean of Costa Rica

The Beautiful beaches of the Caribbean of Costa Rica

Make this YTT and  21 Day stay combining learning and vacation into a UNIQUE experience of a lifetime!

$3495 for the YTT course 22 nights October 1st – 23rd, 2015

$4295 for the YTT course with Equine Yoga Program Certification 25 nights September 28th – October 23rd.

Includes all meals (except on Sundays Free Days) teas & water

All meals are fresh organic and vegetarian. Breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Includes all yoga mats & props for use during courses, horses during classes.

Lodging in shared double rooms, with private bathrooms, a/c and private terrace with hammock.

For more information and reservations please contact us at

Limited availability.

Cancellation Policy.

For guests: up to 1 month before, $25 deposit is retained, less than 1 month full amount is retained.

Cancellation if course does not meet its quo 1 month before course, full reimboursement is given to clients of their deposit. Students will recieve their confirmation 1 month before course when the balance is due.

Thank you!

Beach Yogis

Beach Yogis

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